Sourcing Plant Material

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Holland Biodiversity is an exceptional Dutch company established by a team of scientists and flower bulb cultivators. With an extensive network of farmers, both within the Netherlands and across the globe, we have unparalleled access to a wide range of crops and possess a wealth of expertise in plant science and its diverse applications.

If you’re seeking specific plant material, simply let us know your requirements, and we will leverage our extensive network to provide you with the desired information and assistance.

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Sourcing Plant Material

Plant material sourcing encompasses a diverse range of plant parts from various species. These plant materials can be broadly classified into categories such as rushes, barks, flowers, gourds, stems, roots, bulbs, seeds, and leaves.

The quality of raw plant material significantly impacts the excellence of the extracts obtained. Even within a specific plant material, inherent variations exist due to factors like climatic conditions, cultivation techniques, and geographical origins.

At our company, we offer products derived from plant material that has been carefully cultivated in the most suitable regions. This ensures the acquisition of quality plant material for the production of your exceptional products.

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