Oxalis hedysaroides

Oxalis hedysaroides (L.), Oxalidaceae

Active substance extract
CAS number  n.a.
Plant part tubers, leaves or flowers
China list no
Conditions fresh or dried and crushed
Country of origin the Netherlands



Oxalis hedysaroides, also known as wood sorrels, a cultivated plant in the Netherlands, is a flowering plant from the Oxalidaceae family and used as an active substance in skin care products and nutritions.

Our company specializes in the cultivation and supply of premium Oxalis sorrels, ideal for the production of high-quality extracts.

More than 30 different varieties and species of oxalis are available, for example oxalis articulata rubra, triangularis, deppei and purpurea. Each with her unique chemical composition.

The tubers and leaves of some species have been consumed by humans around the world for millennia.


  • skin conditioning
  • antimicrobial


  • fresh flowers
  • dried flowers
  • fresh tubers
  • crushed and dried tubers

We can also provide samples of the product throughout the season.

Additionally, we have our own laboratory where we can assist in facilitating research your R&D from plants to targeted suspects through literature investigation, plant species selection, extraction, fractionation, and/ or purification processes. Employing fraction-guided bio-assays and advanced analytical techniques (NMR, GC-MS, LC-MS ao), we verify the presence and assess the bioactivity of these compounds. We can use our own plant extract library which is made from commercially grown plants in The Netherlands.

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Active substance


CAS number

not applicable

Plant part


China list


Country of origin

the Netherlands


cosmetics, food ingredients