Gloriosa superba

Gloriosa suberba (L.), Colchicaceae

Country of origin the Netherlands
Active substance colchicine
CAS number 64-86-8
China list yes
Plant part bulbs, seeds, flowers
Conditions fresh or dried and crushed



Gloriosa Superba seeds and tubers for Colchicine production.

Gloriosa superba, with its rich chemical composition, has played a historical role in traditional medicine for a wide array of ailments. It is a flowering plant from the Colchicaceae family and the active pharmaceutical ingredient colchicine and other compounds in this plant are used as a medication to treat many diseases.

Our company specializes in cultivating and supplying premium fresh tubers and seeds, perfect for producing high-quality API or for your own cultivation. In addition to Gloriosa, we can also supply various species and cultivars of colchicum (a crop rich in colchicine as well).

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient – Colchicine:

  • Medicinal Uses: Gloriosa superba is known for containing colchicine (API), a valuable alkaloid with pharmaceutical properties.
  • Treatment of Diseases: Colchicine and other compounds from the plant have been traditionally used in the treatment of various diseases.

Historical Medicinal Uses Gloriosa:

  • Gout: Historically, Gloriosa superba has been used in the treatment of gout, a form of arthritis caused by an accumulation of uric acid crystals in the joints.
  • Infertility: It has been employed in traditional medicine for addressing infertility issues.
  • Wound Healing: The plant has been applied to open wounds for its potential healing properties.
  • Snakebite: Traditional medicine used it for the treatment of snakebites.
  • Arthritis, Cholera, Colic, Kidney Problems, Typhus: Gloriosa superba has been historically associated with remedies for various conditions, including arthritis, cholera, colic, kidney problems, and typhus.

Wide Range of Gloriosa Applications:

  • Traditional Uses: The plant has found applications in addressing itching, leprosy, bruises, sprains, hemorrhoids, cancer, impotence, nocturnal emission, smallpox, sexually transmitted diseases, and internal parasites.

Chemical Constituents of Gloriosa:

  • Rich Source of Colchicine: Tubers, seeds, and flowers of Gloriosa superba are a rich source of colchicine and its derivatives.
  • Other Compounds: The plant contains gloriosine and other compounds contributing to its medicinal properties.



  • antioxidant
  • laxative
  • alexiteric
  • anthelmintic

Conditions of raw material:

  • fresh seeds, roots, flowers
  • cut and dried roots or flowers


We can also provide samples of the product throughout the season.

Additionally, we have our own laboratory where we can assist in facilitating research progression from biomass extracts to targeted suspects through literature investigation, plant species selection, extraction, fractionation, and purification processes. Employing fraction-guided bio-assays and advanced analytical techniques, we verify the presence and assess the bioactivity of these compounds.

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Additional information



Active substance

extract, single compounds

CAS number


Plant part

bulbs, flowers, seeds

China list


Country of origin

the Netherlands