Fritillaria (L.), Liliaceae

Country of origint the Netherlands
Active substance Sipeimine-3-D-glucoside, peimine and peiminine
CAS number 67968-40-5



China list yes
Plant part bulbs, aerial parts
Conditions fresh or crushed and dried



Holland Biodiversity is the supplier of Fritillaria’s for specific alkaloid production!

  • fresh flowers and/ or leaves
  • fresh bulbs
  • dried flowers and/ or leaves
  • crushed and dried bulbs

Fritillaria, is a flowering plant from the Liliaceae family and the plants are known for their interesting chemical composition. They contain flavonol glycosides, and tri- and diferulic acid sucrose esters, steroidal alkaloids, saponins and terpenoids that have formed the active ingredients in traditional medicine.

In traditional Chinese medical science, the herb works good to expel pathogenic heat and moisture the lung, eliminate phlegm and stop cough. The medical effects are attributed to its active alkaloid, mainly Sipeimine-3-D-glucoside, peimine and peiminine.

We have more than 100 different varieties and species of fritillaria available, for example fritillaria thunbergii, meleagris, imperialis, persica, camschatcensis, pallidiflora, davisii and sewerzowii. Each with her unique chemical composition.



  • GACP
  • Contract Cultivation
  • Biological
  • Convention of Biological Diversity (CBD) Treaty free
  • Small and large volumes
  • Green & Sustainable

Applications of specific compounds of fritillaria:

  • anti-inflammatory


We can produce the fritillaria with the highest yield of active compounds for you!

In the Netherlands we grow approximately 30,000 different varieties on a commercial scale. Many varieties of fritillaria are grown, each with its own unique ingredients. Let us know which substances you are looking for, and we will find the right variety with the highest levels of active substances. We have our own laboratory with the latest analytical equipment to help you find the most active plant extract for your product. We use Multivariate Data Analysis among others.

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Additional information



Active substance

extract, single compounds

CAS number


Plant part

aerial parts, bulbs

China list


Country of origin

the Netherlands