Freesia Armstrongii

Freesia armstrongii (L.), Iridaceae

Active substance extract, absolute
CAS number  n.a.
Plant part flowers, aerial parts, bulbs
China list yes
Conditions fresh or dried and cut
Country of origin the Netherlands



Freesia is a bulbous flowering plant belonging to the Liliaceae family and the essential oil is used as an active ingredient in cosmetic and fragrance products.

Many varieties of freesia, each with a unique fragrance are available. Our company specializes in cultivating and supplying premium fresh or dried plant materials (bulbs, tubers, flowers, aerial parts, etc.), perfect for producing high-quality extracts or for your own cultivation.


  • Distinctive Scent: The most distinctive feature of freesia is its enchanting fragrance. The flowers emit a sweet, honey-like scent that is often described as almost fruity.
  • Perfumery: Freesia is highly valued in the fragrance industry for its alluring aroma. The essential oil extracted from freesia flowers is used as a principal ingredient in perfumes and other scented products.

Cosmetic Products:

  • Active Substance: Freesia is utilized as an active substance in cosmetic products. Extracts from freesia flowers may be incorporated into skincare formulations for their potential skincare benefits such as soothing agent.
  • Fragrance in Cosmetics: The sweet and appealing fragrance of freesia is also employed in cosmetic products, adding a pleasant scent to items such as lotions, creams, and perfumed oils.


Many varieties of freesia, each with a unique fragrance, are available.


  • perfuming
  • fragrance
  • astringent


  • fresh flowers
  • fresh bulbs
  • dried flowers
  • dried and cut bulbs

We can also provide samples of the product throughout the season.

Additionally, we have our own laboratory where we can assist in facilitating research progression from biomass extracts to targeted suspects through literature investigation, plant species selection, extraction, fractionation, and purification processes. Employing fraction-guided bio-assays and advanced analytical techniques, we verify the presence and assess the bioactivity of these compounds.

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Additional information



Active substance

absolute, extract

CAS number

not applicable

Plant part

bulbs, flowers

China list


Country of origin

the Netherlands


cosmetics, fragrance