Dahlia variabilis

Dahlia variabilis (L.), Asteraceae

Active substance extract, absolute
CAS number  no
Plant part roots
China list no
Conditions fresh or dried and cut
Country of origint the Netherlands



Dahlia as an Active Ingredient in Cosmetics and Fragrances

The extract of the dahlia flowers is used as an active substance in cosmetic products. The absolute of the dahlia flower can be used in the fragrance industry.

Many varieties of dahlia’s, each with a unique chemical composition and application, are available. We specialize in supplying premium plant materials, perfect for high-quality extracts or personal cultivation – bulbs, tubers, flowers, and more.

Applications of Dahlia:

  • skin conditioning
  • perfuming
  • fragrance

Delivery conditions of Dahlia raw material:

  • fresh flowers
  • fresh rhizomes
  • dried and cut rhizomes
  • dried flowers

We can identify and cultivate Dahlias with the highest concentration of active compounds tailored to your requirements!

In the Netherlands, we commercially grow around 30,000 different varieties, each with its own unique ingredients. Share your requirements, and we will identify the variety with the highest levels of active substances. Our laboratory, equipped with the latest analytical tools, supports your R&D. From literature investigation to plant species selection, extraction, fractionation, and/or purification processes. Using fraction-guided bio-assays and advanced analytical techniques, we verify and assess the bioactivity of compounds. More information about our services. And explore our plant extract library derived from commercially grown Dutch plants.

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Additional information

Plant part

flowers, rhizomes

China list


Country of origin

the Netherlands


cosmetics, fragrance