Narcissus tazetta / daffodil

Narcissus tazetta (L.), Amaryllidaceae

Active substance extract, single compound
CAS number   n.a.
Plant part bulbs, flowers
China list yes
Conditions fresh or dried and crushed
Country of origin the Netherlands



Narcissus tazetta (Daffodil) Bulb and Flower Extracts in Skincare and Perfumes:

The extract derived from the bulbs and flowers of the exquisite daffodil, also known as Narcissus tazetta, is utilized as a valuable active ingredient in skincare products and numerous perfumes.

Skincare Products:

  • Nourishing Properties: The bulb extract from Narcissus tazetta is rich in compounds that offer nourishing and revitalizing benefits for the skin.
  • Antioxidant Content: Antioxidants present in the extract can contribute to protecting the skin from oxidative stress, potentially supporting anti-aging properties.
  • Hydration and Radiance: Some formulations leverage daffodil bulb extract for its hydrating properties, aiding in maintaining skin moisture and promoting a radiant complexion.


  • Fragrance Profile: The enchanting scent of Narcissus tazetta flowers makes its flower extract a sought-after ingredient in the perfume industry. The fragrance is often described as floral, sweet, and captivating.
  • Blending Qualities: Perfumers incorporate daffodil flower absolutes into various fragrance compositions, utilizing its aromatic profile to enhance and balance the overall scent of perfumes.
  • Versatility: The distinctive fragrance of Narcissus tazetta adds a touch of sophistication and complexity to perfumes, making it a versatile choice for both floral and blended fragrance creations.

The incorporation of Narcissus tazetta extracts and absolutes showcases the plant’s dual role in the realms of skincare and perfumery, where its botanical properties contribute to the creation of products that cater to both the visual and olfactory senses.

Many other varieties of daffodils (narcissus) are also available, for example poeticus and jonquille.



  • fresh bulbs and flowers
  • cut and dried bulbs

We can also provide samples of the product throughout the season.

Additionally, we have our own laboratory where we can assist in facilitating research progression from biomass extracts to targeted suspects through literature investigation, plant species selection, extraction, fractionation, and purification processes. Employing fraction-guided bio-assays and advanced analytical techniques, we verify the presence and assess the bioactivity of these compounds.

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Additional information



Active substance

extract, single compounds

CAS number

not applicable

Plant part

aerial parts, bulbs, flowers

China list


Country of origin

the Netherlands