Below is an overview of the plants we can supply for the production of specific single compounds which are the active ingredient  in specific medicines. 

Approximately one-third of the currently used medicines are based on compounds from plants. With millions of compounds still to be discovered and tested, plants will remain a rich and inexhaustible source of novel active compounds and extract for some time to come. With 60,000 plant varieties, may each contain as many as 30,000 different chemical compounds with structures that are much more diverse than those that can be obtained through combinatorial chemistry, The Netherlands (Holland) is a treasure chest of diverse chemical compounds that can be put to use in a variety of applications, of which pharma is one of them.

In addition to active plant material, Holland Biodiversity also offers a broad service, which covers all the various steps from research and development to find active extracts/ ingredients or single compounds (via our own unique library of plant extracts) to bulk production of the plants, extraction of plant material and isolation of pure substances. 

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Pharmaceutical plants

Services of Holland Biodiversity

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Substance Chemistry

Do you want to discover the secrets of plant materials and reveal them?

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Sourcing Plant Material

Plant material is the most important parameters which influences quality.

Holland Biodiversity, your research partner in secundary metabolites from active plants and extracts for pharma, cosmectis and nutrition

Library of extracts

We offer the plant extracts to companies, research institutes and universities.

Why plants with active compounds from Holland Biodiversity?


  • Compliance with the strictest quality requirements can be provided by growth under GAP (Good Agricultural Practice).
  • Quality control of plant material via GC(-MS), HPLC (-MS), 1HNMR or 13CNMR.
  • Contract cultivation: production under controlled condition in greenhouses, as well as at lower cost in the field.
  • Extraction under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).
  • This ascertains the supply of uniform, high quality raw materials and extracts that are acceptable under any applicable regulatory regime.
  • Highly efficient infrastructure.


  • Safeguarding future deliveries
  • Long term supply-chain relationship
  • The flower bulb species in the collection of Holland Biodiversity are not subject to the Biological Diversity Treaty (29/12/1993): avoiding legal hassle.
  • Source identification by Scientific Support
  • Marketing topics: Dutch flowers, green & sustainable.

Development services Holland Biodiversity

  • Metabolomics profile using GC(-MS), HPLC(-MS), 1HNMR or 13CNMR, or an extensive metabolomics study with identification of known compounds
  • Pre-fractionation of extracts by centrifugal partitioning chromatography
  • Isolation of (biologically active) compounds
  • Large-scale extraction in compliance with GMP
  • Extract Library for high throughput screening to find new active ingredients and extracts

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