Personal Care

The secrets to a good health and great look are hidden in the beautiful nature around us. It’s our mission to help companies discover these secrets and to reveal them. 

Holland Biodiversity offers a broad service, which covers all the various steps from research and development to find active extracts/ ingredients or single compounds (via our own unique library of plant extracts) to bulk production of the plants, extraction of plant material and isolation of pure substances for you.  

Holland Biodiversity offers samples of active plant extracts suitable for various cosmetic applications, including 

  • skin lightener
  • antibacterial
  • various skin conditions

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Below is an overview of the plants we can provide as active ingredients for the production of cosmetic products

Holland Biodiversity supplies bioactive plant material (both fresh and dried) from plant parts of a high and reproducible quality and in any desired quantity for the cosmetic industry for screening, research, product development and large-scale production.

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Logo Holland Biodiversity your supplier in active ingredients from plants

Substance Chemistry

Do you want to discover the secrets of plant materials and reveal them? We are your partner in Isolation, Extraction, Chemical analysis of target compounds.

Logo Holland Biodiversity your supplier in active ingredients from plants

Sourcing Plant Material

Can’t you find what you were looking for? We are your partner in finding the highest quality plant material for your needs.

Holland Biodiversity, your research partner in secundary metabolites from active plants and extracts for pharma, cosmectis and nutrition

Library of extracts

Searching for new actives? We are your partner in finding these with our library of plant extracts for high throughput screening.