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More and more consumers tend to natural food and beverage. Holland Biodiversity is a supplier of health-promoting plants that can be used in, among other things, nutraceuticals. Below is a small selection of our offerings. If the product you are looking for is not listed, please feel free to call or email, and we can assist you.

In addition to active plant material, Holland Biodiversity also maintains a library of extracts that you can use for screening purposes to develop new active plants/extracts.

Natural extracts are ingredients that have been derived from natural sources, such as plants, fruits, vegetables, grains, meat or seafood. Apart from naturalness many extracts give additional benefits to the consumers for better health, beauty and indulgence from authentic source

With 60,000 plant varieties, each may contain as many as 30,000 different chemical compounds, The Netherlands (Holland) is a treasure chest of diverse chemical compounds that can be put to use in a variety of applications, of which nutrition is one of them.

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Holland Biodiversity your R&D partner for active ingredients saffron crocus!

Plants with bioactive compounds for the Neutraceutical Industry.

Services of Holland Biodiversity

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Substance Chemistry

Do you want to discover the secrets of plant materials and reveal them? We are your partner in Isolation, Extraction, Chemical analysis of target compounds.

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Sourcing Plant Material

Can’t you find what you were looking for? We are your partner in finding the highest quality plant material for your needs.

Holland Biodiversity, your research partner in secundary metabolites from active plants and extracts for pharma, cosmectis and nutrition

Library of extracts

Searching for new actives? We are your partner in finding these with our library of plant extracts for high throughput screening.