Library of plant extracts

Holland Biodiversity has developed a plant extracts library from a selected number of plants cultivated in the Netherlands. This library is available for third-party use in high-throughput screening to discover new active substances and extracts, leading to the development of innovative products. Companies in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and natural crop protection industries, as well as research institutions and universities, can utilize this library for their purposes.

Our library with extract collection forms a unique source of new compounds/ extracts and active ingredients to use commercially.

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The Netherlands, also known as Holland, boasts an impressive collection of 60,000 plant varieties. Within this vast array lies a treasure trove of chemically diverse compounds that can be harnessed for a multitude of applications. Notably, the flower bulb varieties found in the Netherlands contribute uniquely to this rich biodiversity.

Remarkably, around one-third of the medicines currently in use originate from plant-derived compounds.

Considering the vast number of compounds yet to be discovered and explored, plants continue to offer an abundant and ever-renewable source of novel active compounds and extracts. Their potential as a wellspring of innovation remains inexhaustible, ensuring a promising future for the exploration of plant-based resources.

Holland Biodiversity has a library of more than 1,000 polar and a-polar extracts from different plant and plant parts including bulbs, leaves, stems and flowers, assembled in 80 genera and 25 families. Polar extracts are prepared with methanol/water and a polar extracts with chloroform.

Our collection represents a unique source of extracts and novel compounds with desired properties for commercial applications.

Natural products are still the best source for bioactive substances for life sciences, e.g., pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, agriculture, and food. Even in modern medicine, more than 50% of new medicines come from natural products. Many organisms are available for its uses, of which plants have the longest history as a medicinal source. However, when plants, including medicinal herbs, are used as a source of antibiotics, there have not been many successful cases for this development.

Holland Biodiversity, your research partner in secundary metabolites from active plants and extracts for pharma, cosmectis and nutrition
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Plant material

Holland Biodiversity supplies plant material from bulbs and other undergroud parts, leaves or flowers of a high and reproducible quality and in any desired quantity. The production of plant material is secured through flower bulb producers associated with Holland Biodiversity, that have an expertise going back many generations. The existing, highly efficient infrastructure allows the production under controlled condition in greenhouses, as well as at lower cost in the field. The choice depends on the product and its application.

Compliance with the strictest quality requirements can be provided by growth under GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) and by carrying out extraction under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). This ascertains the supply of uniform, high quality raw materials and extracts that are acceptable under any applicable regulatory regime. The flower bulb species in the collection of Holland Biodiversity are not subject to the Biological Diversity Treaty (29/12/1993).

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