Agro Chemical

New sources of natural crop protectants are needed. Unlike conventional chemical crop protection products that are based on a single compound, plants produce combinations of compounds that in synergy are active against invasive pests.

Worldwide, approximately 250,000 plant species are found that may each contain as many as 30,000 different chemical compounds with structures that are much more diverse than those that can be obtained through combinatorial chemistry. With 60,000 plant varieties, The Netherlands (Holland) is a treasure chest of diverse chemical compounds that can be put to use in a variety of applications, of which agro chemical is one of them.

Plants are a rich source of bioactive metabolites that stimulate growth and flowering. These molecules also protect the plants against diseases and pests. We can learn a lot from the self defence mechanism and use these plant tactics as an ingredient in the development of new products.

Why wouldn’t we benefit from all the good things that nature offers us via plant materials?



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