The secrets to a good health and a great look are hidden in the beautiful nature around us!

Holland Biodiversity is convinced of the best possible use of what nature offers us. We supply reproducible, high-quality plant material, extracts and ingredients from flower bulb species in any desired quantity. 

We deliver this to companies dealing with cosmetics, flavour & fragrance substances, personal care, agricultural chemicals, chemicals, biopesticides, food, nutrition and pharmacy. Purposes are screening, research, product development and large-scale production. 

Holland Biodiversity offers a broad portfolio, which covers all the various steps from research and development to bulk production, extraction of plant material and pure substance.


Valerian Root

Purchase Valerian Root in Bulk

Primarily employed to address sleep disorders like insomnia, valerian root stands out as a renowned natural sedative. This herb, found across Europe, Asia, and North America, also doubles as a flavor enhancer in various foods and beverages, with its medicinal benefits stemming from the root itself.

We carry Valerian Root in the following varieties:

  • Biological Valerian Root Cut – Botanical name: Valeriana officinalis – Production location, The Netherlands.

  • Non-Biological Valerian Root Cut – Botanical name: Valeriana officinalis – Production location, South Africa



Substance Chemistry

Do you want to discover the secrets of plant materials and reveal them?

Sourcing Plant Material

Plant material is the most important parameters which influences quality.

Library of extracts

We offer the plant extracts to companies, research institutes and universities

Your partner in scientific research and high-end chemical analysis

We operate a research and development laboratory focused on discovering active substances and extracts in collaboration with our valued customers. Our primary objective is to cultivate sustainable horticultural crops that yield valuable active ingredients for the development of innovative products

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