New sources of natural crop protectants are needed. Unlike conventional chemical crop protection products that are based on a single compound, plants produce combinations of compounds that in synergy are active against invasive pests.

Screening for bio pesticides

An important way of searching for bio pesticides is screening naturally occurring bioactive compounds in plants, in our case with the use of plant extracts. Plant-pest interactions are chemically mediated by secondary metabolites.

Botanical pesticides, are generally pest specific and are relatively harmless against non-target organisms including humans and thus easier to register at the CtGB. They are generally better biodegradable and less harmful to the environment.

Examples of crops described in the literature with plant protection and herbicidal activity:

Chrysanthemum Lilium Orchideae Gerbera Freesia Crocus˙

Why products and services from Holland Biodiversity:


  • Compliance with the strictest quality requirements can be provided by growth under GAP (Good Agricultural Practice);
  • Quality control of plant material and yield of active ingredients via GC(-MS), HPLC (-MS), 1HNMR or 13CNMR;
  • Custom made according to the wishes of the customer: production under controlled condition in greenhouses, as well as at lower cost in the field;
  • This ascertains the supply of uniform, high quality raw materials and extracts that are acceptable under any applicable regulatory regime;
  • Highly efficient infrastructure;
  • Cooperation with universities and scientific centers worldwide.


  • Safeguarding future deliveries;
  • Long term supply-chain relationship;
  • The flower bulb species in the collection of Holland Biodiversity are not subject to the Biological Diversity Treaty (29/12/1993): avoiding legal hassle.;Source identification by Scientific Support;Marketing topics: Dutch flowers, green & sustainable.


Together with an international consortium of public-private research partnerships led by CSIC (Spain) we have obtained and characterized a new bio insecticidal extract derived from Crocus sp. corms, tepals and leaves.

The patented extract exhibited potent anti feedant activity and will be used for insect-pest control (Leptinotarsa decemlineata, Spodoptera littoralis, Myzus persicae).

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